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Question: Q: Some of the sisters write knowledge-based speech in some of the websites, and they refute some of the writers with regards to their statements. So what is you opinion concerning this?

[A]: I advise every Muslim woman, the Salafee women especially to not delve into this affair. Firstly: Due to what is in it from the wasting of time. Secondly: It exposes her to being the object of ridicule and amusement for the reckless ones and those with diseased hearts. And if she absolutely must do this, then she must suffice with listening to the knowledge-based lessons from those who are known for knowledge, practice of the Religion and excellence. Likewise, there is nothing to prevent her from spreading the statements and fataawaa of the noble Scholars so that her brothers and sisters may benefit from them.

Shaykh `Ubayd al-Jaabiree

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