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How could a Muslim celebrate Christmas and New Years?

Posted on: 08 November 2017
How could a Muslim celebrate Christmas and New Year’s?

Shaykh Uthaymeen: Then what is worse than that; is some Muslims celebrate the New Year,and they glorify it and venerate it, and it is connected to the religious occasion of the Christians;which is; what? The birthday of the Messiah Eesa ibn Maryam peace be upon him. Thuscelebrating New Year's Eve, yes, in relation with the birth of the Messiah; this is rejoicing withtheir religious rites and practices. And rejoicing with kufr practices—if the person who ispleased with this is safe from disbelief—then it is as ibn Al Qayyim, may Allah have mercy uponhim said in his book, ‘the ruling on the dhimmi’ it is more severe than being pleased withdrinking alcohol and worshiping the cross.

Thus the affair is very dangerous O brothers. It is not permissible for the person to celebrateChristmas; if he is a Muslim. And it is not permissible for him to congratulate them for thisholiday; if he is a Muslim. And it is not permissible for him to respond to this greeting if theycongratulate him for this holiday; if he is a Muslim.

Subhan'Allah! Shall we congratulate them for a holiday which is considered as a religiouspractice? And is this anything other than being pleased with disbelief? But most of those whocongratulate them do not intend to exalt their religion or practices, but rather they only intendwhat; to be courteous. And this is incorrect.

If someone says; I am courteous to them because they are courteous to me and theycongratulate me for Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. We say: Alhamdulillah. If they congratulate youwith Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitr, then they have congratulated you for legislated holiday, whichAllah has made for His slaves. And it is mandatory for Eid Al-Adha and Eid Al-Fitr to be theirholidays, because it is obligatory upon them to accept Islam. But if you congratulate them forChristmas then you are congratulating them for a holiday which Allah has not designated as a holiday.

Thus Christmas has no basis in history and it has no basis in the religious legislation. Eesa ibnMaryam did not command them to establish this holiday. Thus it is either that, which wasentered into the religion of the Messiah as innovation and misguidance, or it was prescribed inthe legislation of Eesa ibn Maryam but it has been abrogated by the legislation of Islam.Therefore it has no basis by any estimation. Because if we said it is from the innovation of theChristians and it is not from their legislation; then it is misguidance. And if we said it is fromtheir legislation, then it has been abrogated; and to worship Allah with an abrogated religion is misguidance; thus it is misguidance by any estimation. And because it is misguidance, how is it befitting for me—while I am a Muslim—to congratulate them for it?!

And we have answered the issue of them congratulating us for our Eid and us notcongratulating them for their holiday because our Eid has been legislated by Allah the Exalted;while their holiday is not legislated. This is because it has either been fabricated in theirlegislation or abrogated by our legislation.  Thus it has no basis in any regard.

Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee   

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