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Be 1Dawah Representative in your area

This involves building a team of which you will be the Amir/Amirah/Valued member (who should be clear and firm upon Salafiayh) to:

  • Promote 1Dawah (and our website www.1Dawah.com)
  • Call to pure Tawheed (dawat us Salafiayh).
  • Book venues and set up events in your area.
  • Find a venue for which weekly talks/classes can be heald.
  • Then to help set up and make sure those events run smoothly.
  • Give out dawah material which we will send to you.
  • Set up 1Dawah fund raiser activities/Fund raise for 1Dawah
  • Suggest ideas to help 1Dawah be more efficient and productive
  • Help new Muslims in your area and be a support base for them.
  • Establish a Brothers/Sisters team by appointing a Firm, Balanced, Salafi brother/Sister to be the Amir of '1Dawah' in your area.
  • Recruit Volunteers and add them to our volunteers data base (volunteer@1Dawah.com)
  • Support 'Salafi Nikah' by referring sisters/brothers looking marriage from you local area to register to our matrimonial service.

In return we will do our best to:

  • Support/assist you financially.
  • Help you book & pay for venues.
  • Send you Dawah material.
  • Provide the speakers for your events. (& help you to pay their expenses)
  • Provide the teachers for your weekly classes. (& help you to pay their expenses)
  • Send you books to give away or sell to your community conditions:-
    1. It must be clear between you and us that you are upon the dawahtus salafiyah and you have a clear understanding of it.
    2. Anyone you wish to recruit must also be upon the dawahtus salafiyah
    3. You will report directly to myself (Hasan Abdul Rashid - Head of 1Dawah) or my wife (Umm Saalih - 1Dawah Committee Member)
    4. You will run all plans, ideas, and activities relating to dawah by us first before going ahead
    5. Deposit any funds/donations raised into our Charity Account for us to redistribute
    6. Listen in on Skype meetings (when necessary)
    7. Maintain good Islamic conduct and dress code while representing us (no scandals please) And ultimately your reward is with Allah the most high.

If these terms suit you then we would be extremely happy to have you aboard, and were sure 1Dawah will benefit greatly form having you on the team, however if these terms do not suit you then we wish you all the best of success in this life and the next.

We look forward to hearing from you, Kind Regards, Hasan Abdul Rashid (Head of 1Dawah)

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Previous experience in volunteering (if any)
What Languages do you speak or understand
What would you say were your key skills? (if any)
How would you be willing to help and support 1Dawah as a volunteer?
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