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Our Aims

Our aim is to propagate the true Authentic Da`wah which derives from Allah and his messenger`s sunnah.

This Da`wah has two fundamental aspects:

(a)        Tasfiyah: Cleansing and purifying the Islamic beliefs and practices

(b)        Tarbiyah: Guiding and educating the people according to the purified Teachings.

We hope to achieve The Tasfiyah and Tarbiyah of the people through conferences Regular Islamic classes Tele-Links with Scholars from around the Islamic World


The aims of 1Dawah Project will also be:


1) Calling towards the way of pure Tawheed (monotheism) upon the wisdom, and understanding of the Salaf as-saalih (pious predecessors)

2) To unite the youth, upon the proper way of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah and connecting them with the Scholars. 

3) To call the general public to pure Tawheed, and good etiquettes, at the same time making it interesting and engaging.

4) To de-radicalised the Muslim youth especially who have been exposed to extremist views that are not from the true way of Ahlus Sunnah

5) To be an effective and functional dawah organisation that unites the dawah efforts in London and the UK.


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